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Founded in 2002, E911-LBS Consulting is dedicated to the success of clients
who have a large stake in the use of mobile location and context information.

Obviously we are in the middle of a unique event in our lifetimes with the COVID-19 virus.  More than ever, location-based services can play a major role in tracking–and helping defeat–this virus. The map at the right (and link below), from Johns Hopkins (via ESRI ArcGIS) provides up-to-the-minute info on its spread and impact. Stay well everyone!  We’ll get through this, though it is very likely our world will be changed, permanently. Let’s try and get as many positives out of this as we can. In particular, let’s learn as much about what to do (and not do), so the next time this happens (and it will), we’ll be ready. 

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Whether from GPS, the Internet of Things, 911, or other sources, location and context will continue to play an ever-expanding role in strategic business and everyday consumer life. E911-LBS is here to help you navigate LBS’, E911’s, and IoT’s increasing business opportunities and complex technical design and implementation issues.

We are THE premier provider of business, product and technology strategy and implementation services for enterprises, start-ups, and public sector entities looking to capitalize on location-based services (LBS), public safety/E911, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With market leading expertise in all forms of indoor and outdoor location technologies including GPS, Beacons/Bluetooth, E911, RFID, RTLS/Wi-Fi, network-based methods, and various combinations and hybrids, and the context-awareness potential of sensors, we can provide you with the services to ensure fully functional and integrated indoor and outdoor applications to maximize your ROI and customer success.

The rapidly evolving technologies of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), combined with SMART/intelligent location, will provide the cornerstones of the mobile future: in SMART Homes, Wearables, Buildings, Cities, and Enterprises. They will require the best-of-the-best location and context expertise to fully captialize on IoT’s potential. E911-LBS Consulting is on top of the latest IoT developments, and our expertise and experience in visioning, designing and implementation of leading edge, highly innovative location-related use cases and products will help you make the most of the coming IoT explosion.

Bottom Line: The unparalleled experience of E911-LBS Consulting in the conceptualizing, design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of LBS, E911 and IoT applications, technologies, and infrastructure will put your business at the top of the location-based services, wireless E911, and IoT worlds.

Cell Phone and IoT Forensics Services

We also provide cellphone forensic data extraction, analysis, reports, and testimony on the validity and accuracy of electronic data in accident reconstruction and crime/crime scene analysis. This includes all types of GPS-based, triangulation-based, and cell tower-based systems and emergency/public safety E911/112/110 systems, as well as many other location-based survelliance devices and associated tracking technologies and systems. We use CDR (Call Detail Records), Google, Facebook, NELOS,PCMD, RTT, and EVDO data, using Hawk Analytics, Paraben/Cellebrite, and Google cellphone tools.

We are different in that we learned our craft from the inside – designing and implementing location architectures and systems for wireless carriers, location services application providers, and other companies. Thus, when others get stopped by “the carrier/app provider said…”, we can can provide the detailed explanations about why that is (or is not) accurate AND know what questions to ask to get to the real heart of the matter.

We are also different in that we can provide mobile forensics investigation and reconstruction regardless of the platform from which the location records are extracted. This capability is rapidly becoming critical as location applications proliferate, and “old fashioned” phone and even text records (the historical bread-and-butter of the mobile forensics world) lessens in relative importance. Platforms we have worked with include:
  • Augmented Reality
  • Apple and Google (iOS and Android)
  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) Systems (Multiple Platforms)
  • Aviation (GPS systems)
  • Connected Cars/Driverless Cars
  • E911 (Wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 systems)
  • Facebook/Instagram/Messenger
  • Google Maps/Earth/Timeline
  • (Specialty) GPS (e.g Parolee Ankle Bracelets, Asset Trackers)
  • Home/Industrial Automation systems
  • Internet of Things (Multiple Platforms)
  • Internet web browsing (multiple platforms)
  • Location Aggregators
  • SMART systems (Cities, Buildings, Infrastructure)
  • Social Media (beyond Facebook)
  • Survellience and Safety Systems
  • Vehicle Trackers
We are not “limited” to the above platforms; in reality, any mobile platform (excepting Apple iOS w/o passwords) in theory can provide critical location data essential to resolving a criminal or civil matter.
We provide forensics services in both civil and criminal matters for defendant and plaintiff/prosecuting entities (depending on circumstances and conflicts), as well as independent arbitrators. Due to the very sensitive nature of this work, more detail can not be provided on this website, but contact us at dwilliams@LBSGlobe.com and through appropriate confidentiality arrangements we can discuss potential services and vet potential conflicts.

Mobile Location Expert Witness Litigation Support Services

We provide the highest quality and most impactful expert witness services related to wireless location, across the full range of IP/patent dimensions from the most technical to those regarding business methods.  We have successfully provided expert witness services in over 150 patent, anti-trust, and ITC matters, including several successful Inter Parte Reexaminations (IPRs). Our credentials in wireless location goes as far back to the early 1980s. We have testified successfully in (U.S.) federal district court and other proceedings and venues, and have been deposed numerous times.

Mobile Location Product Design and Implementation

We provide location technology strategy and solution development expertise to make location-enabled service concepts a reality in terms of location and Internet of Things (IoT) technology platforms, end-user devices, and overall network, IT, and customer facing support systems integration, and at a speed and cost needed for rapid product introduction and ongoing management.

Specific services include:

* LBS, IoT, and E911/Public Safety Use Case and Application Design and Development
* Indoor and Outdoor Location Determination Technology Design, Evaluation and Selection
* Mobile App Requirements Definition

* Mobile/Backoffice IT Integration Planning and Project Management
* Sales/Service Mobile Technology Optimization
* Implementation Roadmap Development
* Product Realization, Implementation Management

Mobile Location Strategy Development and Implementation

We combine unparalleled market and industry experience and expertise, location thought leadership, and vigorous analysis to create market-leading and implementable strategies and measurable solutions. Our real-world experience in systems integration and interoperability enables us to develop the best possible solution that effectively and efficienty meets your business goals.

Specific services include:

* LBS and IoT Product Strategy Development
* Indoor Technical Strategy Development
* Business Process and Business Case Development
* Competitive Assessment and Analysis
* Marketing Strategy Development
* Operations Strategy Development
* Market Launch Planning and Program Management

*** Expanded – Location  and Internet of Things Privacy Policy and Infrastructure Development ***

Connected/Driverless Car Development Services (Privacy and Security)

Availability, integrity, reliability, access to, protection of, and effective utilization of location data will critical to the success of connected cars. E911-LBS Consulting can assist you in the design and implementation of critical location-related subsystems throughout the connected car ecosystem, particularly with respect to privacy and security. Contact dwilliams@LBSGlobe.com for more information.